Upper Harbour Drive concrete barriers bordering on dangerous

August 25, 2022

This morning Cr Wayne Walker, Cr John Watson and Nathan Treloar from Greenhithe presented to the Auckland Transport Board outlining the disturbing and unprecedented number of crashes that have occurred on Upper Harbour Drive since the (partial) installation of the concrete barriers and requesting they be uplifted without further delay (the slide show from the presentation is below – a number of the photos more closely resembling a war zone than a suburban road).

A big thank you to Uzra Casuri Balouch for compiling the photos and to other Greenhithe residents for providing information, also UH local board. It is these AT Board members who must now ultimately bear full responsibility for the glaring safety shortcomings of this project and the ongoing safety concerns that exist as a consequence of the installation of these barriers. Today they were formally put on notice to that effect.

We await their response which in turn will inform the next course of action from people organising ‘next steps’ in the community.